(SABBATH 12:00-19:00) 


The main goal of this field trip is to spend Sabbath afternoon in nature, enjoying fellowship and the amazing works of God’s Creation. After Sabbath morning service, we will travel by bus to the Pineta valley (1 hour from Aínsa), at the east entrance of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. After lunch, those who do not feel like walking will stay at the Pineta valley while another group will hike up to the La Larri plains (2 hours). Surrounded by majestic peaks higher than 2000 m, modelled by ancient glaciers in the past and by rushing rivers and waterfalls today, the scenery of this protected area is breathtaking. Both the Pineta and the La Larri valleys show the typical U-shape of glacial valleys, and the later is a hanging valley in relation to the former. The ice tongue at the Pineta valley was much larger than the one at the La Larri valley and so it was capable of eroding more and cutting deeper. The difference in height between the two valleys causes the La Larri river to drop forming a series of beautiful waterfalls before joining the waters of the Cinca river flowing along the Pineta valley. Do you remember a similar situation in another site? The hike to the La Larri plains is an impressive experience. We will walk through beech forests and by several waterfalls, with the impressive backdrop of the dizzyingly sheer north face of the Monte Perdido massif. Once at the top, we will contemplate the vast meadows shared by livestock, wild goats and marmots. From here, the views of the Pineta Cirque, the Collado de Añisclo, and the Tres Marías peaks are just magnificent. 

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