(TUESDAY 9:00-13:30) 


Luke 19:40 is one of the favorite Bible verses of many Geologists because it states that rocks and stones can speak in certain circumstances. Although completely out of context, Bible-believer geologists may refer this text to illustrate a great truth: as if they actually spoke, we could get a lot of information about the origin and history of rocks just by carefully looking at them. Yet, unfortunately, most people do not speak Rock. The goal of this field trip is to to start looking at rocks, stones, and geological features with different eyes, getting familiar with their language. 

In groups of about 20 people, we will walk from the hotel Peña Montañesa to the town of Aínsa following a signposted hiking trail. Along the way, we will have to locate several rock formations and geological landscapes to observe and discuss with the group. Once in Aínsa, we will follow an urban geology trail to keep discovering “speaking stones” along its streets. We will have as well the opportunity to visit the Sobrarbe Geopark Information Center, a small museum where we can start learning about the many geological wonders of this area. 

Will you be able to discover all the secrets that the rocks of the Pyrenees are crying out? 

Click here to see some of the speaking stones of this field trip and start practicing your Rock language. 

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